A tool built for teams


About Digitile project

Website design and development for Digitile.

Digitile is a tool built for teams by people that took a stand against daily barriers to getting work done. They have created an application that’ll help all the teams to organize better their workflow, manage their work more efficiently and have better results. for their website, they had a clean design in mind. Providing all the animations to us, we managed to create a user friendly website, that behaves in the same way on all the browsers and devices.

Of course, as all our projects, this is fully responsive. Digitile can be accessed from every device including large screens desktops and low resolution smartphones. This is very important these days when most of the visitors came from their mobile phones.

Category: design project, rebrand, web-development, website-recreation

Date: September 2018

Client: Digitile

Place: US


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