Hilton Digital

a leading integrator of commercial display systems

About Hilton Digital project

Website design and development for a leading integrator of commercial display systems. Hilton Digital has given some clear instructions about their requirements, and our team tried to surpass them. They have been working the last decades developing and delivering thousands of successful branding and messaging projects throughout North America. So a new design was needed, to expose their works. The overall product was a complete website, with a clean design and user friendly. It gives the users information about all the services that they offer. Of course, as all our projects, this is fully responsive.
Hilton Digital can be accessed from every device including large screens desktops and low resolution smartphones. This is very important these days when most of the visitors came from their mobile phones.

Category: web-development

Date: October 2016

Client: Hilton Digital

Place: Greenville, South Carolina


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