Ningalens Outdoor

The funniest Event and it's made OUTSIDE

About the Ningalens Outdoor project

This is the latest project designed/developed by our team. We have done our best to deliver this project with a design that fits not only with their brand, but also with the website scope. It offers the capability to show all the visitors the event details and how to participate. Also it allows them to buy tickets for the event directly. Everything has a clean design, easy to navigate and friendly user interface. Ningalens will be an umbrella of projects for 3 main events, and Outdoor Events is only one of them. This website offers not only information regarding the event, but it also offers them the ability to communicate directly with the staph in order to get more info. So this year everything will be more interactive. As every other project that our team have made, Ningalens is fully optimized for every device screen.

Category: web-development

Date: July 2016

Client: Ningalens Events

Place: Exmouth, Australia


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